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As the Sun and the Moon Differ

Let us consider for a moment

That lifeless rock that orbits this planet,

Whose presence is made known,

And whose glory is shown,

Only in its reflection of the Sun.

Let us endow the lifeless moon with life,

And see what Man should think if

Its first declaration were a petition

For a redress of grievances; namely,

that the Moon is accorded too little affection.

Says the moon “Are not all heavenly bodies created equally?

Then why should the Sun have any more veneration than me?”


And the people of the Earth reply:

“Is it not the Sun that gives life to all of us here below?

Is it not the light of the Sun that reveals you, oh Moon,

To both the earthly and the heavenly view!”

In the cold darkness of empty space

Is it not the Sun that warms us with its universal embrace?

Grieve not then that we esteem the Sun so highly,

(For you also ought to so esteem it!)

Who can blame us for according the Sun its due merit?

Are we to deny that we cannot live without it?

Are we to lie and say that we cannot live without you?

We do not slight you to say only but what is true,

That of your services the utmost credit that is due,

Is in that convenient light which you provide us at night,

By a mere reflection; forsooth, is it not yet still the Sun’s light?!”

Consider carefully, oh Moon, whether the Equality you seek

Can only be found only in that Heavenly diversity

Whose entire view reveals the mystery

Of how equality exists in the whole sky only!

For the whole glory of its beauty and majesty

Does it not belong to all of its parts equally?

So repent, oh Moon, and know,

That ultimately you will never find

An equality of any other kind!”


But the Moon would not relent,

And tormented the Earth with its constant lament,

‘Til a new reply arose among men whose motivation

Shall be left for your own determination:

“Oh look how sad the Moon is!

Look how the Moon refuses to be happy with his lot!

T’is truly said, is it not

That of all the the forms of equality sought

Equality of Happiness is the utmost desire

To which both earthly and heavenly things can aspire?

Why then, oh why, should we deny him

That happiness he denies himself?

Why should we not grant him his desire

And tell him he is as important to us as the Sun itself?

Will not this lie be justified for his happiness’ sake?”


Judge ye, oh Man, to which answer you must hearken,

To the children of the Sun or of the Moon.

For the argument of the first is undeniable,

And as for the second, well…

Whose fault for the Moon’s unhappiness is it?

Is it the fault of Man or the Moon that it so laments?

And the consequences of that lie?  Whose burden?

In whom rests the only just and fair solution?

Is it for Man to lie to appease a jealous Moon

(the Moon refusing to be appeased any other way),

Or is it for Man to work to change the Moon’s perspective,

To find happiness in its unique role among the entire Heaven?

For if the Moon will refuse to give glory to the Sun

And if Man will give undue glory to the Moon

Then equality and lasting happiness will be lost under heaven!

Nay, but rather let the Moon glory in the Sun, and not covet!

Let Man glory in both the Sun and the Moon for their respective merit!

For where is the injustice in that?

Let us not declare unjust the diversity of heaven

By regarding the Sun and the Moon with false definitions,

For where is the justice in that?

Yes, we must avoid that equality which would live by a lie

And we must view in its entirety our Heavenly sky.


So, when the Moon asks you to never mind the Sun’s life-giving light,

And to declare the Sun to be little more than a reflection at night,

Will you deny that the Sun is the only source of light and life?